”?? :)”

Hide would totes mess with kaneki like this he really would

Drew from this gif that my friend linked!

Matching hide + kaneki stationery for you to write all your love poems n coffee recipes n other cute things on 

For last night’s [STATIONERY] TG_69min!

Hide-centric TG_69min pics because he’s a cutie

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If you were expecting quality art then i’m sorry but all i have to offer is more stupid hidekane TG_69min pics 

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A collab that me n my pal mono did! I did coloring and she did lines.

I still haven’t played much of wadanohara sadly ;;

Fixed up my pics from TG_69min’s [LEATHER/LACE] prompt and now i hate myself a bit more whoops

Painted cover art for the hidekane fanmix i made i’m in too deep

The other half of the TG_69min x hq_69min crossover that i just finished 3 days late hA

NishiKimi situation ver. TsukkiYama for hq_69min x TG_69min crossover!!

Bc these two fit tOO WELL

Karasuno!Kaneki and Hide for TG_69min’s [CROSSOVER] theme!

Because these boys need some cheer and what’s better for that than VOLLEYBALL ANIME

From HQ_69min’s [OVERSIZED CLOTHES] theme—4in isn’t too big of a difference but it’s still noticeable

Dino shirt idea courtesy of nutty!

For TG_69min’s [FAIRY TALE] theme

The happy prince + beauty and the beast ft. kaneki and hide ;;

TG_69min challenges TEARS and SUITS!

From tonight’s TG_69min : TIGHT

Tight = sex, choking, or leather pants in my mind and i don’t know why…

AU where kaneki didn’t hide the ghoul thing from hide and so the two watch spanish horror movies together late at night and hide still only gets trashy fast food and nothing is different from before except kaneki drinks coffee now and nibbles on hide’s hand because hide somehow convinced him it was a good idea

((and kaneki really really hates to admit but it tastes a lot better than his coffee))